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Everyday Lunch Swaps

You don’t need to make a hefty resolution to prove that you can eat healthier this year. Instead, just look for simple swaps that you can make in recipes at home or on menus at restaurants. Choosing healthier options is a quick way to shave 100 calories off of your meal.

Go grilled.
Instead of chicken or tuna salad sandwiches loaded with mayo, opt for a grilled chicken sandwich instead.

Hold the mayo.
Speaking of sandwiches, try spreading a thin layer of Greek yogurt instead of mayo for a tangy, creamy substitute. Mustard is a great alternative, too.

Croutons for chestnuts.
Water chestnuts, that is. The crispy vegetable has a mild flavor and adds the perfect crunch to any salad.

Beware of hummus.
While hummus can be a healthy option, if you’re not careful with portion size the calories can really add up. Alternate dips with fresh salsa—it usually comes in at just 5 calories a tablespoon.

Don’t drown in dressing.
We know, you’re already taking a positive step by having a salad for lunch. Just be careful not to undo all the healthy benefits by drowning it in rich, creamy dressings like ranch or blue cheese. A light drizzle of oil and balsamic vinegar will give you the flavorful punch you’re looking for.

Choose broth-based soups.
Thick and hearty chowders are certainly delicious, but soups that are cream-based really turn up the calories. Opt for equally delicious broth-based soups like chicken noodle or minestrone.