Cut Carbs with These 5 Simple Food Swaps

Trying to cut down on carbs? These 5 simple food swaps can help you meet your goals without sacrificing flavor.

Cut Carbs with These 5 Simple Food Swaps

Are you trying to eat fewer carbs? These 5 simple food swaps can help you meet your goals—without compromising flavor.

  1. Tortillas, 3 rounds, 36g carbs
    Try swapping in three large leaves of kale or Swiss chard. They only have 5g carbs, and are sturdy enough to wrap a variety of different foods.
  2. Hamburger buns, 21g carbs
    Two large, roasted Portobello mushrooms are a substantial alternative to traditional hamburger buns, and only have 5g carbs. The only downside? You have to eat your burger with a fork and knife.
  3. Mashed potatoes, ¼ cup, 11g carbs
    Cauliflower is the trendy, lighter go-to substitute for a range of carb-heavy dishes. At just 2g carbs, cauliflower is a pretty convincing stand-in for traditional spuds.
  4. Crackers, 50g, 33g carbs
    If you’re craving the crunch of a cracker, try subbing in thin slices of crisp apple. The same amount of apple slices only has 7g carbs.
  5. Soda, 12 oz, 39g carbs
    It’s easy to spruce up zero-calorie seltzer with a bunch of different, satisfying flavors. Try a glass of the fizzy stuff garnished with lime wedges, fresh mint and thinly sliced cucumbers for zero carbs.
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