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Standard Option

Why choose between in-network and out-of-network care? With Standard Option, you get both.

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Benefits at a glance:

  • In and Out-of-Network Care 
  • Preferred and Non-preferred Drug Coverage 
  • New in 2024: Up to $25,000 Annually for Covered Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)*
  • Access to Mail Service Pharmacy
  • Standard Option Generic Incentive Program
  • Switch to a generic medication and we’ll waive your cost share for your first four prescription fills or refills. You must visit a Preferred retail pharmacy or fill through the Mail Service Pharmacy Program.

  • New in 2024: Access to FEP Medicare Prescription Drug Program 
  • Eligible members with Medicare get lower out-of-pocket costs for higher cost drugs and additional approved prescription drugs in some tiers than the traditional pharmacy benefit. Learn more here.

Our network includes: 

1.7 million+

doctors and hospitals


retail pharmacies

Every plan includes:

Free preventive care
Worldwide coverage
Two free Teladoc® visits
No referrals needed
Incentives & discounts

Get the details

Want to see detailed benefits for this plan? Download the 2024 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan Brochure – Standard Option and Basic Option below.

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2024 Standard Option Rates


Enrollment Code Bi-weekly Monthly
Self Only (104) $150.79 $326.71
Self + 1 (106) $336.84 $729.82
Self & Family (105)



These rates do not apply to all enrollees. If you are in a special enrollment category, contact the agency or Tribal employer that manages your health benefits enrollment.

See if your doctor is in our network

Use our National Doctor and Hospital Finder tool to see if your current doctor is in our Preferred provider network or to find a specialist, retail clinic or urgent care center near you.

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Get prescriptions delivered right to your door

All Standard Option members get access to our Mail Service Pharmacy Program. It’s a convenient way to get any prescription drugs you take regularly sent to your home.

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*This includes reproductive services, testing and treatments involving manipulation of eggs, sperm and embryos to achieve pregnancy. In general, assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures are used to retrieve eggs from an ovulating individual, combine them with sperm in the laboratory and then implant the embryos or donate them to an individual capable of pregnancy.