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Tobacco Cessation

Tools and resources to help you quit tobacco.

Tobacco Cessation Incentive Program

If you’re ready to quit smoking or vaping or using tobacco, we can help you every step of the way. Through the Tobacco Cessation Incentive Program, eligible members can get support and prescription drugs and/or over-the-counter tobacco (OTC) cessation products at no cost.

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Here's how to participate*

Set a goal

First step: select the Quit Tobacco goal with Daily Habits and complete the introductory questions to get started.

Get your prescription

If your nicotine cravings are hard to manage, you can get a prescription from your doctor for your eligible tobacco cessation drugs, including over-the-counter (OTC) products (see the list below).


Pick up your free medication

Pick up your free medication at any in-network retail pharmacy. Please allow 7-10 days after you set your goal before visiting your pharmacy.

*You must meet age requirements for prescribed tobacco cessation drugs to receive this benefit.

We cover the following prescription drugs through this program when you use an in-network retail pharmacy:

To receive benefits for over the-counter smoking and tobacco cessation drugs, you must have a physician's prescription for each OTC drug, which you must fill at an in-network retail pharmacy.

Regular prescription drug benefits will apply to smoking and tobacco cessation drugs not meeting these criteria.

Get ongoing support to quit with Daily Habits

Tracking your activities is an important part of learning how to become tobacco-free. This can help you determine the activities that trigger your cravings. Daily Habits can help you manage common triggers such as stress, certain foods and emotions and help you develop your Quit Plan to reach your health goals.

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