Healthy Baking Swaps

Get inspired to bake desserts that are delicious—and better for you.

If you’re trying to eat healthier, does that mean you always have to skip dessert? Not necessarily.

While many baked goods are packed with calories and fat, a few substitutions can turn many desserts into healthier treats. Get inspired with these four healthy baking swaps:

  1. Portion size is key when you’re counting calories. Try substituting miniature desserts for full-size ones. For example, make smaller cookies by using a teaspoon, not a tablespoon, to scoop dough (be sure to adjust your baking time for the smaller portion). Or, make mini tarts in a muffin tin instead of a full-sized pie.

  2. Boost the nutritional content of cookies and cakes by using shredded or pureed apple, carrot, banana or pumpkin instead of some or all of the butter or oil.

  3. Try replacing all-purpose white flour with white whole-wheat flour. You can swap them one-for-one in most recipes.

  4. To make cake frosting that also packs a protein-filled punch, substitute plain Greek yogurt for some or all of the cream cheese and butter.


Working on a nutrition goal?

To get a little extra support, try setting a goal with the Online Health Coach. You can track your progress online, get tips and earn rewards that you can use toward qualified medical expenses. It’s easy to get started today.

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