Snacks Under 125 Calories

Power up with these simple, tasty and good-for-you snacks.

Hankering for a little something, but don’t want to fill up on empty calories? These simple snacks are high in protein, rich in fiber and really easy to prepare. The best part? They’re all under 125 calories.

  1. Yogurt & berries
    ½ cup of nonfat Greek yogurt
    2 tablespoons fresh blueberries
    1 tablespoon chopped pistachios
    ½ teaspoon honey

  2. Skinny toaster pizza
    1 slice toasted multigrain bread
    2 slices fresh tomato
    ½ ounce fresh mozzarella
    ¼ teaspoon balsamic vinegar

  3. Salty & sweet treats
    2 cups air popped popcorn
    1 whole clementine

  4. Hummus & broccoli
    ¼ cup hummus
    ½ cup fresh broccoli florets

  5. Chocolate & strawberries
    5 almonds
    ½ ounce dark chocolate
    ⅓ cup fresh strawberries, quartered

  6. Spiced sweet potato
    ½ microwaved sweet potato
    1 tablespoon chopped pecans
    2 teaspoons sour cream
    pinch of cinnamon

  7. Ants on a log
    9 celery sticks
    1 tablespoon cashew or almond butter
    ¼ ounce raisins

  8. Maple ricotta waffle
    1 toasted, frozen multigrain waffle
    1 tablespoon part-skim ricotta cheese
    ½ tablespoon maple syrup
    pinch of cinnamon

Woman in apron slicing sweet potato on wooden cutting board

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