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How To Prepare for the Changing Season

Fall is finally here and that means adjusting to changing weather, schedules and priorities. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard by a new season, check out our tips to make you feel prepared for this time of year.

Beat the back to school blues
Being back in class physically or virtually is enough to make any kid a little blue. One of the best ways to help them cope is by listening to their feelings of anxiety or fear about the upcoming school year. You can tackle any potential problems before they arise and create a plan and schedule that fits their needs and yours.

Switch to seasonal recipes
Cooking is a great outlet for stress and anxiety and a great way to bond with your friends and family. Embrace seasonal fall foods like root vegetables and hearty soups and work them into your repertoire. Make meal planning a family activity to connect with each other while you connect to a new season.

Fall-proof your home
Just like spring cleaning, gearing your home up for a new season can feel refreshing. A deep clean can do wonders for mental health. Replace your air filters, clean out the kitchen and restock with seasonal ingredients and test and replace batteries in fire and carbon monoxide alarms.

Have fun with fitness
Let’s be honest, sometimes the dog days of summer are just too hot for an outdoor workout. Embrace cooler temperatures by taking your workout back outside. You can focus less on doing specific reps and more on enjoying changing scenery.

Practicing all of these healthy habits are great ways to keep seasonal stress in check. But we also offer a variety of behavioral health services via our telehealth services. Behavioral health specialists are available when you need support.