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Fresh Fruits and Veggies of Fall

When we think about fresh fruits and vegetables, we often think of spring and summer. But as summer winds down, there are still plenty of healthy, vitamin-rich foods that are in season in the autumn. So, when you’re in the store, reach for pears, Brussels sprouts, squash and a whole variety of other fall fresh foods in your produce department.

Green veggies are great, but there is a whole rainbow of vibrant colors available in the fall harvest. These bright fruits and veggies include orange pumpkins and sweet potatoes, red beets and apples, purple figs and pomegranates – and the list goes on. What you might not know is that the richer the color, the more vitamins and nutrients the food contains. These nutrients have numerous health benefits. Some can help you fight many underlying conditions, including cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Including fresh food in your diet can also help keep your weight in check. As days shorten and weather cools, it can be harder to keep up exercise routines, not to mention the temptations of game days and holidays. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only delicious, but many, like apples, contain fiber that bolsters your digestion and can help you keep the pounds off.

While in-season veggies are always preferable, don’t worry if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the produce aisle. Many people think that canned vegetables aren’t healthy, but they are often packed at the peak of the season, and can offer a nutritious boost to any meal. Just rinse them before cooking to reduce the amount of sodium you’re taking in.

Overall, you want to seek out what’s in season, look for vibrant colors, and get foods that are as fresh as possible. Vitamins are critical to maintaining a healthy weight and can help your body fight disease and long-term illness.