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How to Eat More Fruits and Veggies on a Budget

If you’re on a mission to get healthier, increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you eat can help. But fresh produce can be pricey, depending on where you live and what season it is.

Here’s a quick guide to upping your intake—without breaking the bank:

  • Shop for produce that’s in season
    Fresh fruits and vegetables are often less expensive when they’re purchased during their growing season. Hit local farm stands and farmer’s markets in season, which can be more economical than some commercial stores.
  • Buy in bulk when you can
    Buying in bulk often means prices are lower. Some price clubs that sell groceries can also have good deals on fruits and vegetables. You can freeze extras for use later.
  • Don’t forget about frozen fruits and veggies
    If you can’t find what you want in season, check the prices on frozen produce. Plus, since frozen produce keeps well, you can stock up when you find a good sale.
  • Store your food properly
    To limit waste, be sure to store your produce properly.
  • Start a vegetable garden
    If you have the time and the space, consider growing your own fruits or vegetables at home.


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Published on: April 13, 2017