Prepping Your Home for Fall

Protect your home from the elements with this checklist.

There’s a lot to be excited about for the fall—cooler temperatures, leaves changing color, families spending time together. But before fall gets into full swing, give your home a checkup to help make the season healthier and stress-free. Here’s what you should check off:

  • Make sure windows are sealed and energy efficient.
  • Prevent mold and mildew from growing and getting into the air.
    • Insulate water pipes and fix any leaks.
    • Clear out gutters to drain properly.
    • Fix any roof leaks to prevent moisture from getting inside.
  • Make sure the heating system is clean and working.
  • Clean fireplaces and chimneys.
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every month and replace their batteries every 6 months. There should be one of each outside every bedroom and on every floor.
  • Don't keep grills, portable stoves or generators inside the house.
  • Clean your whole house thoroughly to improve air quality.

While you’re preparing your home for fall weather, it’s also a good idea to prepare yourself for flu season by getting vaccinated. Getting vaccinated counts as preventive care, meaning it’s covered in full under your plan when you get vaccines from a Preferred provider. It’s important you get it before the end of October since it takes a couple of weeks to fully protect your body.

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