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Why Cauliflower Is a Super Vegetable

Despite looking like broccoli, cauliflower has some benefits that its green counterpart doesn’t. This crunchy veggie packs powerful nutrients, can be cooked many different ways and is available throughout most of the year.

One cup of chopped cauliflower only has 25 calories, yet boasts 100% of your daily amount of vitamin C and 25% of your daily amount of vitamin K. It also contains potassium, fiber, protein and cancer-fighting compounds. Like many other vegetables in the cabbage family, one serving also contains a high amount of water. Water-rich foods can help those who struggle to drink water stay hydrated.

Cauliflower works in so many dishes thanks to its mild flavor. Its firm texture is perfect for steaming, roasting, pureeing, mashing or grating. Because of this, you’ll find recipes that turn cauliflower into a healthy alternative for rice, sauces, mashed potatoes and even pizza crust.

Before you add cauliflower to your diet, it’s important to talk to your doctor first. While it packs a lot of vitamins, cauliflower can affect medications like blood thinners or statins. If you’re looking for more ways to add nutrition to your diet, you can get nutritional counseling through telehealth services. Plus, as an FEP member you pay nothing for nutritional counseling provided by our telehealth service or a Preferred provider.