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Are You Getting Enough Vitamins?

It's not always easy to tell if you're getting enough key vitamins and nutrients. Here are 4 signs you may be deficient.

  1. Brittle nails
    When your body is deficient in iron, you may have brittle nails, toenails and pale inner eyelids.

  2. High blood pressure
    If your numbers are high, you may be low in vitamin D, which some researchers have linked to high blood pressure.

  3. Low blood pressure
    On the other hand, low levels of vitamin B12 may cause low blood pressure.

  4. Low thyroid hormone levels
    If blood tests indicate that your thyroid levels are low, you may be lacking the mineral iodine.

If you think you may be vitamin deficient, talk to your doctor, who can perform tests to check and offer advice about a course of treatment.

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Published on: February 09, 2017