How to Start “Eating Clean” Today

Making any kind of major diet change can be challenging. Here are simple ways to start “eating cleaner” today.

“Eating clean” is a great way to refresh your eating habits by choosing the best and healthiest options that you can. It means eating more whole foods, and fewer processed ones. This way of eating is designed to help you boost your energy and your health.   

Making any kind of major diet change can be challenging. Here are simple ways to start eating cleaner today.

  1. Eat fresh, minimally processed food

  2. Buy organic when you can to limit your exposure to pesticides, hormones, chemicals and other toxins

  3. Read nutrition and ingredient labels, choosing foods with minimal ingredients that have simple names you can understand

  4. Start eating more fresh, leafy greens like kale, spinach and arugula

  5. Eliminate foods with excess sugar, such as candy, soda and packaged baked goods

  6. Cut out or reduce wheat, much of which is highly processed

  7. Clean out your fridge and pantry to help you stay focused on healthy eating

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