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Smart Health Hacks You Can Start Right Now

Nine healthy tips for a healthier you

Staying healthy can sometimes seem impossible. But these simple, smart and easy-to-remember hacks can help you on your way to better health.

  • Want to eat less? Use a smaller plate. It’ll trick your mind into thinking there’s more food.
  • If you’re trying to quit smoking, go to a sauna 3 days in a row. You’ll sweat out the nicotine.
  • Shrink a pimple in minutes by dabbing it with a little Listerine mouthwash. The alcohol dries it up.
  • Eat marshmallows the next time you have a sore throat.
  • If you get a burn, apply toothpaste. It’ll soothe the pain and stop the burning.
  • Drinking more water during the day means your body has less effort to do at night.
  • Smiling naturally lifts the muscles in our face and helps slow down the pace at which we age.
  • Dip cauliflower in BBQ sauce. It tastes the same as chicken nuggets but is much healthier.
  • Itch in your throat? Scratch your ear. Doing so will stimulate the nerves in your ear and creates a reaction in your throat that causes a muscle spasm to kill that itchy feeling.

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Published on: September 21, 2015