4 Ways to Change Your Environment to Support Healthy Eating

Where you eat can impact how you eat. These tips can help you clean up your habits—and your environment.

Eating healthier can be a lot easier if you’re in the right environment. Here’s how to tweak your surroundings to support a healthier diet. These quick tips will help you eat better without a lot of effort.

  1. We often eat what’s easiest. Make sure to keep plenty of healthy snacks front and center on the counter—and in the fridge.

  2. Stash any junk food away in cabinets. If you don’t see it, research shows you’re less likely to eat it.

  3. Keep your kitchen orderly and clean, so you’re less likely to call for unhealthy takeout out of convenience.

  4. Use smaller plates, which will encourage you to eat less.

Bowl of whole fruit sitting on a black granite countertop

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