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Pregnancy Care Incentive Program

A healthy pregnancy is just the beginning. With the Pregnancy Care Incentive Program, expectant mothers can earn a free Pregnancy Care Box and $75 on their MyBlue® Wellness Card.

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We’re dedicated to supporting healthy pregnancies, including early prenatal care in the first trimester and continuing through childbirth. Our Pregnancy Care Incentive Program offers expectant mothers support and rewards during each stage of pregnancy.

There are three ways you can earn rewards:

1. Take the Blue Health Assessment and earn $50

Once the Blue Health Assessment is complete, you may be eligible to earn $50* on your MyBlue® Wellness Card.

2. Register for My Pregnancy Assistant and earn a FREE Pregnancy Care Box

My Pregnancy Assistant gives you access to a variety of tips, suggestions and resources that help support a healthy pregnancy. After you enroll, you’ll get a free Pregnancy Care Box filled with items and information you can use during your pregnancy to help you prepare for your baby and take care of yourself.

3. See your doctor in the first three months of your pregnancy and earn $75

Your first prenatal appointment with your healthcare provider is an important step in helping you have a healthy pregnancy. You can mail, fax or upload us a copy of your doctor-signed medical record** from one of your first trimester visits to earn $75.

When submitting your medical record, remember to send it back with your unique cover sheet. You’ll receive the cover sheet in your Pregnancy Care Box. You can also download a copy here after you register for My Pregnancy Assistant.

Are you eligible for the Pregnancy Care Incentive Program?

Timeframe Requirements

The Pregnancy Care Incentive Program is valid for the 2017 benefit year. Members aged 18 and older who are pregnant in 2017 and meet one of the following scenarios may be eligible for the incentive:

  • Members who give birth in 2017 that have a documented first trimester prenatal visit in 2016 or 2017 related to the birth of a child in 2017
  • Members with a 2018 due date that prove they had a first trimester prenatal visit in 2017

Additional Eligibility Requirements

In addition to meeting the benefit timeframe eligibility requirements, the member must be:
  • Female
  • 18 years of age or older in the benefit year
  • Currently enrolled in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan
  • Earning the incentive for no more than 2 pregnancies within the year

If you’re eligible for this program, click the button below to log into MyBlue and get started. If you’re not eligible but would like to learn more about maternity benefits and care, click here.

*Up to two members on a contract, age 18 and over, can earn incentive rewards.

**Accepted types of medical records include a prenatal flow sheet, prenatal progress/visit notes and electronic medical record. Lab results or ultrasound reports are not necessary. A letter, disability statement or prescription note from your healthcare provider does not meet the program requirements for earning $75 on your MyBlue Wellness Card.

Any information or materials included in your Pregnancy Care Box are not meant to replace the advice of your doctor or healthcare professional.

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