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The Positive Power of Being in a Group

We are social creatures. Yet, as an adult, you may find that making and keeping friends is harder than it used to be. Jobs, families and the daily grind can be big barriers to overcome. But research continues to show that there are many benefits to being in a group—whether it’s with friends or over a shared interest.

Meaningful interactions with others can help increase motivation, creativity and morale. It’s also a great way to reduce stress. For example, working in a group allows the sharing of ideas and collaboration. And personal connections can easily blossom into meaningful friendships.

Exercising with a group of friends can help you be accountable. It can also make the activities more enjoyable.

Wondering where to start? Check out these simple tips.

1) Check locally for people with shared interests. Search online for group or club gatherings related to a hobby, activity or interest. Social media sites also feature groups with active discussions and local meetups.

2) Sometimes, you have to be the initiator. Ask a friend or new connection to join you for coffee, lunch or a walk. Try to say yes when you’re invited to a social event—and don’t forget to return the favor to someone who invited you along to an activity.

3) Check your local community college for fun or interesting classes. Or join a fitness class at a gym or community fitness facility. Sometimes, community colleges offer fun classes like archery, pottery or literature that are great for beginners.


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Published on: July 14, 2022