Can Socializing Make You Healthier?

Spending time with other people can improve your quality of life.

Humans are social creatures. Nowadays, we’re more connected than ever with technology that lets us interact with whomever, whenever. But recent studies have suggested that face-to-face contact may be beneficial to our health.

When we interact with others, our brain releases chemicals like oxytocin, cortisol and dopamine, which lowers stress levels and even reduces feelings of pain. These effects have long term benefits, too. Being social may improve memory, decrease risk of neurodegenerative disease and decrease risk of type 2 diabetes.

Seniors who are socially active also may be happier later in life and live longer. That doesn’t mean you need to constantly surround yourself with people all the time, though. Here are some easy ways to keep active:

  • Reach out and make plans with family and friends 
  • Get to know coworkers
  • Join a club
  • Take classes at a community center

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