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How to Save $100 This Month

There are a lot of money-saving tips out there. We’re looking beyond coupon clipping and buying secondhand to help you save $100 this month.


Start small—with your grocery list. Did you know that eating healthier foods can actually save you money? The Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that when families went on weight loss diets, they not only lost weight but also reduced their food budgets. This kind of saving comes from reducing portion sizes and buying fewer high-calorie foods. This month skip the foods that add calories and don’t provide nutritional value like sodas, bakery items and chips.


Buying in-season produce is another great way to save money. During the summer months for example, corn on the cob can cost as little as 10 cents an ear—at other times of the year it may cost 10 times as much. Also, consider shopping at your local farmers market for deals on local produce because those prices won’t include shipping costs.


Beyond simple grocery swaps, there are tons of little ways to save money on your healthcare costs. About half of Americans take at least one prescription drug and with rising costs, getting your medication can be expensive. The FEP prescription cost tool is a great resource to find the lowest prices on medication. You can find out if yours is covered and what it will cost on your plan. We’ll also show you lower-cost options if they’re available.


And finally, find out how staying on top of your health can help you save some money. Our incentive programs and health discounts are a great way to put a little cash back in your wallet.