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How to Avoid Work From Home Burnout

No one is immune to work-related stress and now, more than ever, we’re taking that stress home with us. Phone calls, text messages, emails, video conferences, childcare, meal prepping and more have all blended into one constant stream of need. Separating home and work life is easier said than done these days, that’s why we’ve put some helpful tips together for a more balanced day-to-day while working from home.

Set boundaries
Being available around the clock is a surefire way to burn out. To avoid potential stress, set clear time aside for relaxing or socialization, and establish rules for when you’ll check emails or take phone calls. Technology makes remote work, well, work. But it’s important to close the laptop and put the phone on silent a few set times a day.

Take your time management skills up a notch
A little organization can go a long way. Set up a priority list at the beginning of each day, but try to go with the flow. The list may grow or shrink as the day goes on and that’s okay! Re-prioritizing is a great way to avoid decision fatigue and relieve some self-imposed pressures. Stick to the boundaries you set to sign off for the day.

Don’t neglect your network
Working from home can feel isolating at times. Make sure you continue to keep in touch with friends and family members. Maybe it’s staying on a video call with a trusted colleague for an extra five minutes to chat. Or calling up a close friend after the day is done. Having people to rely on during the tough times can help alleviate tension that’s built up over time or prevent it from building up in the future.

Take care of yourself
The term self-care is everywhere. But what does it mean for you? If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, set aside time for the healthy things that help you relax. But don’t feel pressured to fit a certain model. For some people self-care is relaxing with a good book and for others it’s exercising or simply tending to a hobby. Find what works for you and make time for it every day, week or as needed.

Take time off
It’s not uncommon to feel a certain amount of guilt about taking vacation days, but they exist for a reason. If you feel yourself needing a reset don’t hesitate to use your hard-earned time off. Whether you are staycationing, camping out somewhere safe, or simply taking a mental health day, make sure you take the time off you deserve to unplug, and focus on friends, family and fun.

Don’t be afraid to talk it out
Sometimes we just need to talk. And while our friends and family can be great sounding boards, it can be helpful to seek stress relief with a licensed behavioral specialist. Members can get ongoing support for stress, anxiety, depression and more through our telehealth services.

Published on: August 27, 2020