The Importance of an Ergonomic Desk

Improper setups may contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain and more.

Have you ever been working at a desk and realized your hands hurt badly? Or that your neck is stiff? We spend a large part of our lives at work sitting at our desks, but many just deal with the discomfort that often comes with it. Desk setups that aren’t ergonomic can actually hurt your body and contribute to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where your wrist swells up, causing compression on a nerve in your hand. It may cause your hand to feel numb, a tingling sensation, pain and/or weakness.

Here’s how you can make your work area more ergonomic and reduce pain:

  • Take breaks from typing every 20 to 30 minutes. Walk around, talk to your coworkers instead of emailing and grab some water to stay hydrated.
  • Raise or lower your computer monitor so you’re looking straight ahead at it. Adjust the distance and font size so it’s easy to read.
  • Change your chair height so your forearms are resting flat on the desk, not pointing up or down. Your feet should also be able to fully touch the ground while sitting.
  • Keep tools and files you frequently use close to you so you’re not constantly reaching for them.
  • Sit up straight.

It’s also a good idea to do some stretching during your breaks. Routine stretching will help you stay limber and reduce the likelihood of pain or stiffness.


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