Summer Health Checklist for the Family

Tips to keep you and your family healthy during the carefree summer days.

For most families, summer is less hectic than th­e rest of the year­—with school on break and planned time off from work. Make the most of your time this summer to focus on you and your family’s health.

Schedule your yearly checkup
If you haven’t had your annual physical yet this year, make an appointment for the summer. During this visit, your doctor will give you a physical exam, check your weight and blood pressure and assess any risks. Based on your age, lifestyle and family history, your doctor may recommend additional screenings. These are tests that look for diseases or health issues before you show symptoms, including cholesterol, osteoporosis, Type 2 diabetes, tobacco use and depression. Don’t forget: Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan members pay nothing for preventive care when they see a Preferred provider.

Schedule well-child visits for your kids
It’s important for children to see the doctor regularly too, and not just when they’re sick. Well-child visits help ensure that they’re developing appropriately as they age. Your kids might also need a physical for summer activities or school sports in the fall, so this is a good time to get these appointments out of the way. If your family has a history of hearing problems, they should also have their ears checked regularly.

Ask about immunizations and vaccines
Make sure you and your kids are up to date on vaccines. These shots help protect you and others from diseases. Talk to your doctor about which ones are right for you, and when you should get them. Service Benefit Plan members also pay nothing for routine vaccines when administered by a Preferred retail pharmacy in our vaccine network.

Don’t forget about dental and vision
Healthy teeth and eyes are both important to your overall health. Make appointments with your dentist and eye doctor when kids are on summer break so they’re ready when school starts.


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