How to Avoid Injuries While Gardening

Don’t let your green thumb have a negative impact on the rest of your body.

Gardening is a great way to de-stress and get outdoors for some quality fresh air in the spring. Plus, it’s a great form of exercise. But all that bending, and twisting can take a toll on your body, especially as you get older. We’ll show you a few areas to focus on so you can prevent pain and injuries when gardening.

Before you get your hands dirty, loosen up the areas of your body that typically get stiff, especially your lower back and joints. Try some simple stretches or take a 15-minute walk to get your blood flowing in those places.

Too much time on your knees can cause pain and discomfort. Use a padded kneeler or low bench if you plan on spending a good amount of time digging or weeding.

Get up and stretch every five minutes to avoid cramping and stiffness. Also, when shoveling dirt aside, don’t twist your body to get rid of it. Scoop in a forward motion and get up and move dirt to the spot you want to drop it.

Don’t overdo it by trying to squeeze everything into one day. Limit yourself to 30 minutes to start out and gradually spend more time gardening as your body gets used to it.

Older woman in garden watering plants with hose.

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