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Back Pain Stretching

If you suffer from back pain, you just need to stretch out your back, right? Well, you may be surprised to learn just how many muscle groups are tied to back pain.

Your spinal column and all the associated muscles, ligaments and tendons are built to move. And when they can't, the result can be back pain. It can take time to see results from your efforts, but almost anyone can benefit from loosening up those joints. And don’t just limit yourself to toe touches and downward-dogs. Stretching your neck, shoulders, hips and gluteus are critical components of easing your sore back.

Here are a few key tips to help you get the most out of your stretches.

  • Wear loose clothes that won’t ride up or bind
  • Give yourself enough room to move around as you stretch
  • Be firm but gentle with your stretches and avoid bouncing which may lead to torn muscles
  • Never force a stretch – you should feel tension, but not pain
  • Hold stretches for at least 20 seconds to allow joints and muscles time to loosen
  • Once isn’t enough – it’s a good idea to repeat each stretch 5 to 10 times

Before you dive right in, you should have a chat with your doctor. Ask about your ability to accomplish the stretches successfully. And it’s never a bad idea to talk to a professional trainer about the proper technique to achieve a good, deep stretch.