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Routine Annual Physical Incentive Program

Visiting your doctor for an annual checkup is an important part of maintaining your overall health. During your visit, your doctor will provide you with any recommended preventive screenings, vaccines and services. These can keep you on the path of good health—and now you can get rewarded for it.

Starting in 2019, members of our FEP Blue Focus plan will have exclusive access to our Routine Annual Physical Incentive Program. This program offers you annual rewards for doing something you may already be doing every year: getting a checkup.

You’ll be able to select from a variety of rewards, such as a discounted meal kit delivery service subscription or 4-month gym membership.

How do I redeem my reward? After we process the claim from your doctor’s visit, you’ll be notified when you can redeem your reward by email and mobile push notification (if you have the fepblue app).

You must be the contract holder or spouse on your Plan, 18 or older, to earn incentive rewards.

You must have a MyBlue account to access this program.

The rewards you can select vary by location. Some are limited to specific areas of the U.S., and none are available outside the U.S.

We encourage you to consider possible tax implications of your rewards as part of this program, and to consult your tax, legal or accounting advisors for additional information.

Published on: September 27, 2018