The Best & Worst Summer Foods

From ball games to county fairs, we take a look at summer’s healthiest (and not-so-healthy) options.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it seems like there’s always an excuse to indulge in the summer. Unfortunately, just because there’s more outdoor time, doesn’t mean that it’s okay to add a treat to every meal. The fact is, deep-fried anything is usually full of a day’s worth of saturated fat, sodium and calories.

We’ve rounded up a few of the most commonly enjoyed foods at ball parks, barbecues and county fairs alike—and which options are better for you than others.

Swap out this—for that
Corn Dog: 430 calories, 35g fat  >>  Corn on the cob: 200 calories, 1g fat

Australian Batter Potato: 905 calories, 44g fat  >>  Baked potato: 190 calories, 7g fat

Slushies: 200 calories, 50g sugar  >>  Watermelon: 86 calories, 18g sugar

Deep fried PB&J: 1000 calories, 30g fat  >>  Caramel apple: 170 calories, 4g fat

Funnel cake: 760 calories, 44g fat  >>  Kettle corn: 57 calories, 4g fat

Fried dough: 760 calories, 39g fat  >>  Cotton candy: 57 calories, 0g fat

Turkey leg: 1135 calories, 54g fat  >>  Pickle: 30 calories, 0g fat

Can’t give up a bite of deep-fried butter or medieval-sized turkey leg? Grab a group of friends and opt to share. Just be sure to sit down to eat. Studies have shown that eating while standing can actually lead to overeating. Sitting down will help reduce the speed at which you eat and allow your brain to register it as a meal.

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