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6 Simple Ways To Make Smarter Beverage Choices

Everything you consume should help nourish your body. See how you can make smarter choices about what you drink and shift to better beverage choices for your health.


  1. Make water your #1
    When you get thirsty, try to reach for water instead of other alternatives. Water doesn’t have any additives, sugar or other sweeteners that regular soda or energy drinks may contain.

  2. Control your calories
    If you’re feeling the munchies in the afternoon, take a detour to the water cooler on the way. Drinking water can fill you up, which helps to curb your calories between meals.

  3. Take it to go
    Make it a habit to carry around a refillable water bottle with you at work and on the go, which will make it easy and convenient to fill up.

  4. Keep the details in mind
    Of course it’s ok to kick back and relax with the occasional fruit punch or cola. When you enjoy a beverage of your choice, remember to check the serving size and stay within your calorie needs.

  5. Fact-check your beverage
    Every nutrition label has an ingredients list, where you can check for added sugars, saturated fats, sodium and calories to help determine if it’s a good choice for you.

  6. Got milk?
    Drinking milk can help boost your calcium, vitamin D and potassium levels. Adults need 3 cups of milk a day. Choose between low-fat and fat-free milk to get the full benefits without the calories.

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Published on: May 04, 2017