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Self-Care Summer Checklist

Most summer health tips revolve around sunscreen, hydration and keeping cool with rising temperatures. But the summer is also the perfect time to focus on our mental health. To recharge our batteries and become the best versions of ourselves. Here is our summer self-care checklist to help keep you refreshed and relaxed throughout the season.

Unplug to unwind
Sometimes being so connected to our online world makes us lose sight of the real world. Summer is the perfect time to unplug for a bit and be a little more present for the here and now. Improved self-esteem, better sleep and a quiet mind are just some of the benefits from distancing yourself from social media for a little while.

Pick up a real page-turner
Summer reading isn’t just for students; it can be a great way to quiet a busy mind and enjoy a little solo time. Whether you like leafing through paperbacks or listening intently to an audiobook, pick up something to feed your mind this summer.

Vacation or staycation, take time for yourself
Maintaining a work-life balance is especially important in the summer time. Don’t let those vacation days go to waste. Wherever you go and whatever activities you choose to do, make sure they’re helping you relax and recharge before returning to work.