5 Health Benefits of Getting More Sun

Getting some quality time in the sun has a range of health benefits.

We all know if we stay in the sun too long without protection, we’ll get a sunburn. But catching a few rays can also have a range of health benefits.

  1. A longer lifespan
    Swedish researchers found that people who avoided the sun actually lived 2.1 years less than those who spent a lot of time outside.

  2. Better sleep
    According to a recent study, natural sunlight helps to regulate your 24-hour biological cycle (also called your circadian rhythm), leading to deeper, more restful sleep.

  3. Clearer skin
    If you suffer from acne or psoriasis, natural sunlight in small doses may actually help treat your condition in small doses by helping to moderate your body’s immune system.

  4. Improved mood
    Research has linked sun exposure to increased happiness. Spending time in the sun helps your body release beta-endorphin, the same “feel-good” chemical that’s released during exercise.

  5. Increased levels of vitamin D
    Getting some sun is a great way to naturally boost your body’s stores of vitamin D. But there’s a catch. Too much time outside can actually decrease your levels. Definitely moderate your sun exposure.

Despite these benefits of a little time in the sun, be sure to always wear sunblock to reduce your risk of burning and skin cancer.

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