The Best Characteristics of a Workout Buddy

Always exercise solo? Here’s why you should consider working out with a friend.

When we think of spending time with our friends, it usually revolves around food, drinks, shopping or just talking. But socializing doesn’t have to be sedentary. In fact, the buddy system is a great way to get the most out of your exercise routine. Here’s what to consider when choosing a workout buddy:

Pick someone with similar health goals.
Work friends are great for this, as you have day-to-day support and similar schedules. By not going it alone, you can help each other stay motivated and on track to complete your goals.

A good workout buddy will pick you up, not put you down.
It’s easy to get down on yourself for not looking or feeling your best. Having an exercise partner can help limit any negative self-talk. Plus, you’re more likely to try a new exercise class or go that extra mile when you’re with someone you trust.

Make sure conversations are a breeze.
When you workout with someone you enjoy spending time with, you’re more likely to concentrate on the conversation rather than the activity. Walking is a great way to improve your health, and doing it in a social setting can make the miles fly by. For extra motivation, sync your fitness device and challenge each other in daily steps.

Commit to healthy lunch dates together.
It’s easier to stick to a healthy diet when you know you’re not the only one opting for a kale salad over a greasy cheeseburger. Keep each other honest and abide by these healthy swaps.

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