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5 Easy Outdoor Workout Ideas

Don’t just stick to the gym – take your workout outdoors! A change of scenery may help you find the motivation you need to step up your routine. Need some inspiration? Try some of these fitness tips. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

  1. Tone your abs in the pool
    Beat the heat by working out your abs in the pool. Tone and strengthen your core by supporting yourself with the pool’s edge and crunching your legs toward your chest.

  2. Stretch your stride
    Take the stairs 2 or 3 steps at a time to increase your heart rate and boost your endurance.

  3. Try walking backwards
    If you are experiencing joint pain, walking backwards can help alleviate strain. It’s also a good way to increase lower leg muscle strength and improve balance.

  4. Do some pushups in the park
    Try a modified pushup by leaning against a park bench. This move can help strengthen your shoulders and your chest.

  5. Condition in the sand
    Lunges and jumps are perfect conditioning exercises to do on the beach, since sand provides more cushioning and resistance.

Your Online Health Coach can help you track your new fitness routine and keep you motivated to reach your goals. Start making strides today and earn rewards for working towards a healthier you.