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5 Alternatives to Traditional Outdoor Exercise

Tired of the same old run around the neighborhood? Try mixing up your routine with these 5 alternatives to traditional outdoor exercise.

  1. Orienteering
    This outdoor sport will test your navigation skills—and your stamina. It originally served as a military training course, but has evolved to include all types of athletes navigating their way through a controlled wilderness area.

  2. Color Run
    Deeming themselves “The Happiest 5k on the Planet” these untimed road races bring communities together in happiness and healthiness. Show up wearing white and get doused in color at every kilometer. Find one year you.

  3. Geocaching
    Download the geocaching app and go off the beaten path to find thousands of hidden packages across the world. Think of it as a big, global treasure hunt.

  4. Stand-up paddle boarding
    If you live near a lake or other body of water, give stand-up paddle boarding a try. The sport can be a serious thrill—and a great workout.

  5. Disc golf
    Disc golf is kind of like a combination of Frisbee® and basketball, where players go along a course, throwing plastic discs into a series of metal baskets.

Woman stand up paddleboarding on lake

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