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5 Ways to Squash Food Cravings

Trying to eat healthier this year, but plagued by cravings? These 5 tips can help you conquer those impulses.

  1. Put it off
    When the urge to snack hits, tell yourself that you’ll have a little something in 20 minutes. Your craving will usually pass, especially if you distract yourself in the interim.

  2. Choose healthier snacks
    Instead of reaching for a snack that's loaded with sugar and fat, try an alternative. If you're craving something sweet, try a piece of fruit. If you're after something crunchy, crisp veggies will often do the trick.

  3. Stock up on single servings
    Instead of buying large packages of unhealthy treats, try stocking up on single serving packs. That way, you’ll get a taste of the food you want, but be less tempted to polish off the whole box.

  4. Put it on your calendar
    Plan out nutritious snacks in advance, so you never feel deprived or hungry. Keep healthy snacks in your car, bag and desk so they're always handy.

  5. Write it down
    Keeping a craving journal can help you track your eating behavior. Over time, you'll likely start to see patterns, which can help you address the root cause of your cravings—and better handle them in the future.

Published on: March 09, 2017