Walk (or Run) It Off

Learn how much treadmill time it takes to work off these popular treats.

Counting calories helps when you’re trying to lose weight—especially when you combine it with regular exercise. Here’s how long you’ll need to walk or run to burn off the calories found in common snacks.

Food Calories Walking Running
16 oz. soda 138 calories 26 mins. 13 mins.
Small bag of chips 171 calories 31 mins. 16 mins.
Medium mocha coffee 290 calories 53 mins. 28 mins.
Iced cinnamon bun 420 calories 77 mins. 40 mins.
Quarter of a large pizza 449 calories 83 mins. 43 mins.
Blueberry muffin 265 calories 48 mins. 25 mins.

Table with French fries, pizza, and doughnut

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