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Set Yourself Up for Success with Smaller Health Goals

Trying to get healthier this year, but put off by goals you feel are unattainable? Pass on extreme resolutions and set yourself up for success by making smaller, achievable health goals. Try these tiny changes, backed by science:

  1. Eat a little (not a lot!) chocolate every day.
    Research shows that people who eat chocolate five or more times a week may be 57% less likely to have coronary heart disease than those who don’t.

  2. Start exercising moderately for 30 to 60 minutes a day.
    Studies have shown that women who do may have an up to 80% reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

  3. Get your annual eye exam.
    According to recent research, people who treat their vision problems early may decrease their risk of developing dementia by 64%.

  4. Check your thyroid.
    Have your doctor check your thyroid. It could lower your risk of fatal heart disease by 69%.

Published on: April 07, 2016