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Healthy Holiday Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

The holidays are typically a time of excess. We celebrate with our loved ones with lots of food, drink and fanfare. But what if we told you that you can celebrate all of your holiday traditions in a healthy way that’s good for your wallet, too? Here are some healthy gifts that your family, friends and piggy bank will love.

A fitness tracker
A fitness tracker is a great way to set and track health goals every step of the way. And with so many on the market these days there’s one for every budget. And remember, if you decide to gift something to yourself, you can sync fitness trackers with your MyBlue account and track your progress as you work on earning rewards.

Fitness class passes
Activity levels vary from person to person, but there’s always something for everyone. For the people in your life who may just be getting started or even for those who are more advanced, a few boxing, swimming or Pilates sessions can go a long way. Virtual classes are a great option as well if you are looking to work out at home.

Aprons for children
Cooking together is a great way to teach kids healthy habits and to get some serious bonding time in. Gifting the children in your life with aprons that fit their style is a fun way to get them in the cooking and baking mood.

Countertop grill
We typically think of grilling as a summer activity. But a countertop grill can make it a year-round event. These little grills are great at helping everyone eat meat and veggies prepared in a healthier manner than frying or deep frying. They’re simple to use, just make sure to supervise the kids if they’re taking a turn.

Stationary frame for your road bike
If cold winter weather keeps your loved ones from taking outdoor bike rides this season, consider getting a stationary frame. You can get one for around $50 and it turns the bike they already have into a stationary bike so they can comfortably exercise indoors all season long.

And don’t forget we offer several financial resources for your healthcare needs. This can help you budget all year round.