Overseas Teleconsultation

A pilot program that provides members with a zero-copay U.S. healthcare experience while abroad.

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Program Details

Overseas Teleconsultation provides you with access to a U.S.-licensed healthcare professional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone or online video chat. No copay required.

In a confidential setting, our medical staff can:

  • Handle non-life-threatening medical conditions, such as minor injuries and illnesses
  • Provide medical advice and treatment options
  • Refer you to a provider for follow up care as needed

In the event your condition cannot be assessed via Overseas Teleconsultation, please contact the Worldwide Assistance Center for a referral to a local hospital or clinic for treatment.

For emergencies, please call your local emergency phone number.

Overseas Teleconsultation is not appropriate for potentially life-threatening or serious issues requiring medical attention, or treatment for children younger than one year of age.


Getting Started

First time? Get started in two steps:

  1. Create your account at www.axateleconsultation.com/fep
  2. Log in at https://axapartnersabroad.avizia.com

For additional assistance or to register by phone, contact us at +1-312-935-1751. Our agents can help guide you through the process.


Eligibility Requirements

All currently enrolled Service Benefit Plan members and covered family members are eligible for Overseas Teleconsultation services. See table below for the Medical Conditions Eligible for Teleconsultation.

Overseas Teleconsultation is a global service and may be used as often as needed. However, there are some countries where we currently cannot treat patients due to local laws and regulations. These countries are: Canada, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

Medical Conditions Eligible for Overseas Teleconsultation
Abrasions Lacerations - Minor Stye
Allergies Lice Minor Sports Injuries
Arthritic Pain Simple Medication Refills Urinary Tract Infections (Simple)
Asthma “Pink Eye” or Conjunctivitis Yeast Infections
Bronchitis Rashes Vomiting
Bruises Upper Respiratory Infections (Uncomplicated) Minor Infections (ex. Skin, Sore Throat)
Colds and Flu Sinusitis Insect Bites
Cold Sores Sore Throats Mild Dehydration
Cough Minor Skin Inflammation and Infections Ear Infections
Diarrhea Sprains and Strains Other Minor Conditions on a Case by Case Basis
Fever (Over Age 12 Months, Under Age 70)    

*Overseas Teleconsultation services, including assistance with prescriptions, will be provided as permitted under applicable law. Overseas Teleconsultation services are provided by HAA Preferred Partners, LLC, an AXA Assistance Company.

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