Tobacco Cessation: Quit with Blue

If quitting tobacco is on your to-do list, Blue Cross and Blue Shield can help you put an action plan together with simple and easy-to-use tools.

Mark your calendar.

Find a low-stress period to set your quit date, avoiding holidays and major life events. This will give you time to prepare and set yourself up for success.

Find out what makes you tick.

What’s your motivation to quit tobacco? It can be as simple as having more energy or keeping up with family. Create a list of things that matter to you to help you stay on track.

Learn about your medical benefits.

Smoking and tobacco cessation coverage extends beyond prescription medications. Your benefits also include educational classes and programs that can provide the tools and support you need on your path to becoming tobacco-free. Review the benefits comparison chart for more information.

Visit your physician.

Talk to your doctor about medications that can help you quit smoking and tobacco, as well as local programs and resources that can provide support.

Get tobacco cessation drugs at no cost.

You may be eligible to receive certain smoking and tobacco cessation medications at no charge to you. Learn more about these benefits and programs.

Put your friends and family on notice.

The support of your loved ones and colleagues can make all the difference. Ask those around you to help you become tobacco-free by maintaining a trigger-free home, and offering healthy distractions when an urge strikes.

Thank You for Being a Caregiver
We pledge to honor and support all caregivers who are vitally needed at this time. Because we’re in this together. You can learn more here.

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