Patient-Centered Care

Patient-Centered Care is a free, remote pharmacy service for Service Benefit Plan members.

Patient-Centered Care is a complimentary medication-therapy management (MTM) service available to Service Benefit Plan members in which a clinical pharmacist works directly with members over the telephone. The pharmacist assists members in managing their medication therapy and lifestyle choices to help achieve improved health outcomes.

Goals of the program are to help:

  • Identify and resolve medication therapy problems
  • Improve outcomes of medication therapy
  • Provide member education about medication therapy, including prescription, non-prescription and herbal products
  • Educate members on key lab values
  • Improve doctor/patient dialogue

Who is eligible to participate?

Members of the Service Benefit Plan who are 18 years of age or older, unless parental or guardian consent has been granted, are eligible for this program. The program is intended for:

  • Members not reaching anticipated goals with their prescribed medication therapy
  • Members taking multiple medications to treat the same condition
  • Members receiving medications from multiple prescribers
  • Members whose current medication therapy is not working or is not effective
  • Members whose current medication therapy is causing problems or side effects
  • Members who need additional or supplemental medication therapy

As a Service Benefit Plan member, what is my role in this program?

All members who would like to participate in the program must:

  • Complete and return an enrollment form (health and medication questionnaire)
  • Work with the Patient-Centered Care staff to schedule telephone appointments with the clinical pharmacist. Enrolled members receive at least two pharmacist consultations, including an initial assessment and follow-ups as needed.
  • Discuss personal program recommendations with their doctor, including sharing their personal Care Plans provided by the Patient-Centered Care clinical pharmacist with their doctor
  • Inform your program pharmacist of changes in health status and medication therapies
  • Provide feedback on the service you received

Program Qualifying Questions

  1. Are you taking multiple medications to treat the same condition? YES/NO
  2. Are you receiving medications from multiple prescribers? YES/NO
  3. Do you feel your current drug therapy is not effective, or is causing problems or side effects? YES/NO
  4. Do you need help reaching your drug therapy goals? YES/NO
  5. Would you like to learn more about your drug therapies? YES/NO

If you’ve answered yes to two or more of the questions above and would like to talk to a Patient-Centered Care representative regarding enrollment, please call us toll-free at 1-866-465-2505.

Participation and use of Patient-Centered Care services is voluntary. However, if at any time you would like to unenroll from receiving Patient-Centered Care services, please call us toll-free at 1-866-465-2505.

P-Care Brochures

Patient-Centered Care has many brochures that discuss signs and symptoms, triggers and preventive measures for common health issues. From asthma and diabetes to blood pressure and heart failure, click here to view the complete list of available resources.


If you have questions about Patient-Centered Care, or are interested in enrolling or unenrolling from the program, call us toll-free at 1-866-465-2505.

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