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The Importance of Cancer Screenings

Early detection can be a game changer in the battle against cancer. It not only increases the chances of successful treatment, but also significantly reduces the need for more aggressive treatment later on by detecting cancer in its earliest stages.


Understanding your options
As a Service Benefit Plan member, you have access to a comprehensive suite of no-cost cancer screenings:

  • Breast Cancer/Mammograms are an important step toward breast health, recommended for women and those assigned female at birth starting at age 40 and continuing every other year.
  • Cervical Cancer Screenings, through Pap smears and HPV tests, start at age 21, playing a crucial role in early identification and prevention.
  • Colon Cancer Screenings begin at age 45 for most adults at average risk, with several options available to fit your comfort and needs, from colonoscopies to at-home tests.


Free preventive screenings
No member should have to weigh the cost of preventive care. With FEP, preventive cancer screenings like those for breast, cervical and colon, are free when you see a Preferred provider. Talk to your doctor about adding these screenings.


Scheduling your screening
Booking your screening is easier than you might think and it's an important step in taking charge of your health. When you see your doctor for your yearly checkup, make sure to talk openly about your health history and any worries you might have. Your doctor will then suggest the best screenings for you.


Remember, prevention is power
The journey to a healthier tomorrow begins with the steps we take today. FEP stands by each member, offering the tools and support needed to navigate this path confidently. Schedule your routine annual physical today. Your health is worth it.

Visit your primary care doctor for an annual physical. If you don't have a primary care doctor, you can find one by downloading the fepblue app or using our National Doctor and Hospital Finder.




Published on: May 02, 2024