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The Mental Power of Cleaning

Accumulation. Clutter. Dust. A messy home or workspace can take its toll on your mental health and wreak havoc on your productivity. But understanding why can help you take charge.


Clutter can feel like chaos—especially when life feels most hectic. But decluttering is a great way to regain control of your environment. By cleaning, sorting and organizing, you are engaging with your surroundings in a positive way. Your mind will be at ease and your space will be much cleaner.


Next time you struggle to focus, take a look around. If you see some clutter or an opportunity for organization, take the time to sort and clean. Simply put, the fewer things vying for your attention, the easier it is to stay on task. There is evidence that supports the case for better productivity in an organized workspace.


The connection between body, mind and cleaning is a deep one. In fact, one study found that people with cleaner houses were, on average, healthier than those living in cluttered homes. While researchers point out the study raises some questions, it does suggest a strong link between the interior condition of a home and physical activity.


Most people would agree: clean is king. But is there such a thing as too clean? That depends! One thing to be aware of is compulsively cleaning. If you find yourself canceling plans or running late to work in favor of cleaning, then you may want to speak with your doctor. Ultimately, obsessive cleaning can have a negative impact on your daily life.


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Published on: February 23, 2023