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What is Body Image?

Body image is defined as the way you feel about your body and how your self-esteem is tied to your looks. It’s important to remember that body image is deeply personal. You can have a positive or negative body image based on many factors.

Positive or negative body image can include any of the following:

  • Body type and weight
  • Specific body parts
  • Hair and skin type
  • The way you sense and control your body as you move


Negative body image

Unrealistic beauty standards in entertainment and fashion contribute to negative body image. Factors like social media, family and friends also play a major role.

A negative body image can lead to eating disorders and other mental health issues, like depression and anxiety.


How to build positive body image

Here are some ways to boost your body image:

1. Surround yourself with positivity—and spend time with people who share the same outlook

2. Wear clothes that make you look good and feel comfortable

3. Prioritize a healthy lifestyle by eating plenty of fruit and veggies and staying active

4. Treat yourself with kindness

5. Limit your exposure to social media accounts that make you feel unworthy


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Published on: June 09, 2022