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Is Your Body Aging Faster Than Normal?

Slowing down as you get older is a fact of life. But the truth is, not everyone physically ages at the same pace. You’ve probably met people who seem younger than they actually are. Likewise, some can feel “older” than they are. The secret to fighting off aging is simple: take care of your body.

But how do you know if your body is aging faster than normal? Here are some signs:

Slow walking
A sign you might be aging too fast is if your walking pace slows down in your 40s. Walking is an easy, low-impact exercise that you can do anywhere. Make no mistake—even though walking is accessible, it offers huge benefits for your heart and lifespan.

Sun spots
Sun spots are especially common in people over 50. You can help prevent them by wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen and reapplying often. While most sun spots are harmless, you should see your doctor if they’re black, change shape, bleed or feel rough. You can also get care from a dermatologist with telehealth using your phone or computer.

Memory issues
As early as your 40s, you may start having trouble remembering names or why you went into a room. Your memory can be improved with a healthy diet, social interaction and routine exercise.

Stiff and aching joints
Men tend to get achy joints after 45 and women after 55. As little as one hour of exercise per week can slow down the symptoms.

Trouble climbing stairs
If going up steps is difficult, getting more exercise may help improve your strength and balance. You can gradually practice climbing stairs until you feel comfortable. As always, check with your doctor before starting any new exercise.

Poor vision
Your vision may worsen in your 40s. Aging can also lead to more serious eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. You can protect your eyes by wearing UVA/UVB-resistant sunglasses, eating healthy, exercising often and going for an eye checkup annually.

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