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15 Ways to Feel Better in 15 Minutes

Bad days happen to everyone. Sometimes they’re due to stress—other times they happen for no apparent reason. They can knock you down by impacting your mood, productivity and energy levels. These kinds of days aren’t set in stone, though. With a little self-care, it’s possible to improve your mood. In fact, little things can make your whole day better.

Here are 15 ways you can make yourself feel better, all in 15 minutes or less:

  1. Take a quick meditation break. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few minutes.
  2. Go outside. Spending time outside can make you feel energized and reduce your anxiety.
  3. Watch or read something funny. Laughter stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles while releasing feel-good endorphins.
  4. Write down what you’re grateful for. Those who do this often feel more content and less stressed.
  5. Wish someone well. Practicing compassion often makes you feel better in return.
  6. Take a walk. Walking is easy and offers many health benefits.
  7. Listen to some tunes. Music can reduce levels of anxiety and pain.
  8. Complete a chore. Finishing something you’ve put off doing can give you a boost in motivation.
  9. Catch up with friends or family. Building social connections is a key part to feeling happy.
  10. Eat a healthy snack. Some vitamins and minerals can reduce your stress or improve your mood.
  11. Do something good. When you show kindness to others, it makes your brain feel good.
  12. Stretch. Stretching lowers stress levels and improves circulation.
  13. Hug a family member. Hugging may boost your immune system and improve your reaction to conflict.
  14. Give yourself a pep talk. Say some positive things about yourself out loud.
  15. Write a thank you note. Showing your appreciation for someone can make you feel more grateful.

If you feel like stress is taking a toll on you or you haven’t been feeling like yourself, you can get support from a behavioral health specialist via telehealth. Members can get ongoing support for stress, anxiety, depression and more.