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How to Have a More Mindful Day

Nowadays, it’s not easy to stay in the moment. Technology constantly competes for our attention and makes it difficult to shut it all away. Plus, stress and anxieties often make going about your day feel like multitasking. It’s important to recognize these patterns and distance yourself from them by being mindful. Mindfulness is being fully aware of the present, and it can help you improve your mood, focus better and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Try making small adjustments to your day to feel the relief.

Don’t multitask while eating
Have you ever eaten in front of the TV? Or while on your phone? Distracting yourself from your meal may cause overeating and other poor diet choices. Instead, eat slowly and pay attention to every bite. Notice what’s on your plate and when you start to feel full. It takes about 20 minutes for your body to send out feelings of fullness.

Give others your full attention
When you’re talking with someone, put down whatever you’re doing and try to hear what they’re saying. Don’t feel the need to respond immediately; think about what they said and how you’ll respond. You may find yourself responding more mindfully and not letting your emotions take over.

Focus on the present
If you’ve ever put down your keys or phone and immediately forget where they are, it may be because your mind was in another place. Try to view whatever you’re doing as a positive part of your day and not think about the past and the future. Something as simple as walking to the store can be mindfully viewed as a good way to clear your head and get in some healthy exercise.

Take a moment to relax
When you’re moving fast throughout the day, hours can easily go by without any time to unwind. There are a few exercises you can do to stay mindful and relax in the middle of a busy day. Try listening to music, taking deep breaths for a couple of minutes, meditating or doing yoga.

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