5 Helpful Hacks with the fepblue App

Visit a virtual doctor, check your claims and more right from your pocket.

The fepblue app offers 24/7 access to your benefits plan, plus helpful features, tools and information on the go. But did you know there are some not-so-known ways it helps you do more with your plan?

Here are some fepblue mobile app hacks that help you get even more out of your coverage:

Chat with a doctor anytime, anywhere
No more waiting at the doctor’s office—or going to the doctor’s office at all. You can connect to telehealth services through the fepblue app, meaning you’ll be able talk to a doctor by phone or video. You’ll be able to get treatment for a wide range of minor medical injuries and illnesses for less than the cost of a traditional visit.

Check in on your claims
If you’ve recently submitted a claim, you’ll be able to see its status at a glance within the app. You’ll also be able to view past claims and how much was covered by your plan.

Never lose your member ID card
It happens to all of us: you’re at the doctor’s office and you’re struggling to find your member ID card. With the fepblue app, you’ll always have your member ID card ready to go on your phone. 

Take full advantage of our network
As an FEP member, you have access to one of the largest provider networks—that means a lot of options for getting quality care. The fepblue app makes it easy to find the Preferred provider you need in your area.

Track your spending
Not sure what your out-of-pocket maximum is or annual deductible (if you have one)? You can see how close you are to meeting them with the fepblue app.

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