Tricking Those Treats: The Exercise Trade-Offs for Halloween Candy

Find out how you can burn off the calories from those Halloween treats.

Halloween is one of the most fun and festive fall holidays, but it leaves most homes full of candies packed with empty calories. It’s okay to indulge in the fun while still watching your waistline. Here are some ways to keep moving this season.

What’s the damage?
Not all candies are created equal. Some pack actual protein (think peanut M&M’s) while others simply leave you wanting more. We broke down the calories in some of the most popular treats and how far you’d have to walk to burn them off.

25 small jellybeans 140 calories
160 pound person would have to walk 1.6 miles
20 pieces of candy corn 100 calories
160 pound person would have to walk 1.2 miles
1 fun size M&M’s packet 90 calories
160 pound person would have to walk 1.1 miles
1 full size chocolate candy bar 275 calories
160 pound person would have to walk 3.2 miles

Is Halloween totally off limits for diabetics?
Not necessarily. When you have diabetes, your body processes carbohydrates a little differently. So, before you reach for a fun-sized snack, testing your blood sugar level is a must. If your sweet tooth is beckoning, one serving of a fun-size candy is much safer than its full-size version. Most fun-size candies contain around 15 grams of carbohydrates per serving which is often the magic number that can raise a too-low blood sugar level but not cause a crash.

How many calories are those household chores burning?
Maybe hitting the treadmill or sweating it out at spin class isn’t your thing. These simple household tasks can help you burn some of the extra calories that Halloween candy adds this time of year.

  • Vacuum the carpets for 30 minutes to burn 100 calories
  • Scrub that kitchen floor to burn 200 calories per hour
  • Rake and bag leaves for one hour to burn 375 calories
Bucket of Halloween Candy

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