Beat the Heat Indoors and Out

Here’s how to work your body and mind when the weather’s hot.

Hot temperatures don’t mean you have to sit around inside all day. There are a lot of ways to be physically and mentally active while staying safe in the heat.

Walk it out
On the hottest days, it’s best to stay away from heavy workouts like yard work or sports. Instead, enjoy the outdoors with low-impact activities. Try out group yoga in the park, rent kayaks to cool off on the water or go for a shady nature walk. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress, but you can also relax with a family picnic in the shade or by settling down with summer reading on the porch.

Prep for team tryouts
The end of August brings sports team tryouts and extreme heat. Parents can help things go smoothly with just a little planning. Make sure kids lather up on sunscreen, bring plenty of water and a balanced lunch. Plenty of sleep and drinks with electrolytes help tired muscles recover faster. Heat exhaustion can be a serious concern, so if you’re unsure about the signs, call the 24/7 Nurse Line.

Entertain your brain
Keeping your mind sharp is just as important as exercising your body. Museums have something for everyone, whether it’s local history or a big national exhibit. They also have the benefit of air conditioning. Unplug from tech with your family by playing games indoors when the heat is highest in the middle of the day. Puzzles and board games are great for family bonding and also help kids with critical thinking and vocabulary.

Relax by the water without getting wet
For a fun outdoor activity that won’t make you sweat, take a trip to the zoo. You can get some walking in and hanging out with furry friends helps with relaxation. For the same effect while staying inside, visit the aquarium. The sounds of running water reduces stress, but did you know that cool temperatures and deep blue colors can have the same effect?

Man hiking alone at sunset

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