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Save Your Skin from Bugs, Sun & Too Much Summer Fun

With the summer in full swing, our minds are on beach days, backyard barbecues, long hikes and all of our other favorite outdoor activities. But while frolicking in the summer sun, skin protection should be priority number one. From sunscreen to bug spray to post-pool-party hydration, here’s how to protect your largest organ this summer.

Slather on the SPF
We all know that sunscreen is a highly recommended defense against sunburn and skin cancer, but which one should you choose and when should it be applied? Some important factors to consider are SPF level, water resistance and broad-spectrum protection. Find one that works for you and apply before heading outside (even on those cloudy days) and reapply at least every two hours depending on your activity level.

Just keep swimming
Beware of the toll chlorine and salt water can take on your skin. If you’re a frequent swimmer, make sure to lather up with a hydrating lotion (sans perfume) after your laps. To combat the arrival of a pesky chlorine rash or swimmer’s itch, there are a few over-the-counter lotions that can save the day.

What’s all the buzz about bug spray?
Keeping the bugs at bay is a constant battle but keeping your skin safe while using insect repellent doesn’t have to be. When using a spray, make sure to steer clear of any wounds or irritated skin. Use just enough to cover exposed skin and after returning indoors, wash up with soap and water. If sitting in a confined area, try using an oscillating fan on high as a great way to keep bugs away.

Cooling down without drying out
The cool blast that air conditioning provides can feel like a lifesaver in the hot summer months but make sure to keep your skin hydrated to combat the drying effects of filtered air. Hand cream, eye drops and lots and lots of water are your summertime indoor essentials for keeping cool and staying cool.