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7 Common Habits That Can Damage Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are a natural detox system in your body, filtering waste and absorbing minerals. Looking after them is important for your overall health and wellbeing.

Here are some everyday habits that could be damaging your kidneys without you realizing it:

  1. Eating too much protein
    It’s important to get enough protein, but too much meat can be detrimental to your kidney health. Try to eat smaller portions of different types of proteins, such as seafood, eggs and nuts.

  2. Consuming high-sodium foods
    Too much salt will make your kidneys overwork themselves. It may also cause kidney stones and raise your blood pressure.

  3. Smoking
    Smoking slows blood flow to your kidneys, which could make them unable to function properly. Don’t wait, create your quit plan today!

  4. Heavy drinking
    Excess alcohol is a toxin to your body. Binge sessions are especially harmful and can cause acute kidney injury.

  5. Using painkillers for a long time
    Talk to your doctor if you have been taking regular, large amounts of over-the-counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen and aspirin. They may be causing negative effects to your kidneys in the long run and your doctor can see if you may need another option.

  6. Not drinking enough water
    Do you get your 8 glasses of water a day? If you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys will get dehydrated and be unable to properly drain waste from your body.

  7. Working out too hard
    A good workout is essential for your physical health, but if you push yourself too hard too fast, your body will release chemicals that could hurt your kidneys. Make sure to build up your workouts gradually.